Woman With 15 Boyfriends Disgraced As Husband Leaks Her Love Affairs.

Munashe Ncube, A Harare Zimbabwe woman has been left disgraced after her husband Erkridice Makomo leaked her chats with over 16 boyfriends, revealing how she had unprotected sexcapades and sends nude pictures to some of them.

Makomo revealed to H-METRo that he has been insulted over the phone by some boyfriends after he took his wife’s phone. They have been married for the past four years.

He said: “I got the shock of my life to see chats of over 16 boyfriends some of which are hidden in GB WhatsApp version.

“I also found out that in December last year she went to sleep at one of the boyfriends named Kudakwashe Masoka’s place during the Christmas period while I was out working for three days.

“She no longer wanted to have sex with me and she gave all sorts of silly excuses achiti ane mudumbu”

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