Wife Drags Husband To Court For Dumping Her To Marry Their Maid

A Zambian woman has dragged her husband to Court for dumping her only to get married to their house maid, an allegation the husband never denied.

The Ndola man who has been married to his wife for seven years with two children was sued to court by his wife who begged the court to reconcile them.

The husband while addressing the court however stated categorically that he is marrying his maid because basically, she has been the one taking care of him in the house while his wife does nothing.

He accused the wife of having become too lazy to do any house chores and instead left everything for their maid to do while she concentrates on her phone and attends parties, sometimes coming home drunk.

He maintained that he has had enough of his wife’s laziness and that his decision to marry their more industrious maid is final.
He went on further to ask the court to inspect his wife’s long nails to see if anyone could do any meaningful house chores with such fixed nails. He maintained that since his wife can no longer take care of him and the kids, that it is better he marries the maid who has been taking care of the whole family.

The court after hearing from both parties however dissolved the marriage as the man maintained that all initial entreaties from the elders to make his wife take corrections felled on deaf ears.

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