“There’s War”, Paul Enenche Condemns The Killing Of Christians In Nigeria.

Dr Paul Enenche, the senior Pastor of Dunamis church has condemned the increasing killings of christians in the counrty, particularly in the northern part of the country.

In a communion service monitored by IdomaVoice, he said:“When there is prolonged conflict that has the aim of gradually reducing the strength or effectiveness of the ones you are fighting and weary them into submission, it is called attrition.
“There is war in our nation. Whether anybody would agree or not, it’s a matter of either deception or wickedness. But there is war.

“It is a war between evil and good. War between light and darkness. A war between those who love life and those who love death. The war between truth and lie. War between goodness and wickedness, love and hate. War between Christ and anti-Christ. But the anti-Christ is not permitted to function while the church is on earth
“There are those burying their heads and pretending as is if nothing is happening. Unfortunately, there so many Christians, who maybe for the sake of salary or what to eat are defending killers.
“Between Christmas and now, I’m sure you must have read of how many persons have been killed in the north east. Unfortunately, the media is reporting not reporting it.
“You are aware of how can chairman in Michika was abducted, killed and decapitated this year.

“But I tell, not under our watch will Nigeria be Islamize.”

Watch full video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3V7dX2zl62s

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