The Ugly Tales From Isi-Uzo And Bye-Election Brouhaha. By Odoh Ugochukwu


By Odoh Ugochukwu.

When news filtered into town, that Hon. Mrs Amaka Ugwueze the mourning wife of late Isi Uzo House of Assembly Member, Hon. Chijioke Ugwueze has been picked or rather emerged as the PDP’s candidate for the vacant political position, everyone (including the writer) thought that it was one of the numerous fake and unauthenticated stories from some purveyors of fake news.

Alas, we were forced back from the momentary trance occasioned by the shock that equally accompanied such a sacrilegious event when it became obvious that indeed, the white cloth- wearing and mourning wife actually ’emerged’ victorious in the race for the party’s candidate for the Isi-Uzo House of Assembly election slated for October 31.

However, as expected, it was a potpourri of condemnation from different quarters as the event wasn’t just a desecration of the dead, but an assault on the sensibilities of the living. It was, to me, an act of betrayal that a man who, after toiling to acquire wealth for his family, his wife couldn’t wait for his remains to decompose in the grave before dumping her mourning clothes into the waste bin to cling onto her husband’s death to showcase a sudden acquired political skills.

What is even more disheartening is the rationalization of such ignominious show by some freestyle political scientists.
But unless Isi-Uzo is no longer part of Igbo land. Igbos have a defined approach to mourning the dead, a husband at that. We can not become “Americanas” overnight.

Some are of the opinion that the deceased wife has all the qualities to vie for the vacant political position. Others say it’s enshrined in the country’s constitution, her right to vote and be voted for. Yes. No one is doubting that. But the question is this- has she vied for any elective political position before the demise of her husband?
Why did it take the death of her husband to discover this political talent?

The questions and many others are what freestyle political scientists have been unable to answer, thus giving credence to the fact that it was a politics of compensation being played after all.
Compensating a deceased with a sensible position as such defies all logic. Irrespective of political affiliation, this move is no longer obtainable in this modern day politics.
Isi-Uzo is among the least developed local government area in the country and needs competent political handlers to salvage the sorry situation of the people.

Settling for a political rookie to represent the people of Isi-Uzo is more like getting a man whose car still has an “L” dangling from the plate number compartment to pilot a presidential convoy.
This politics of compensation is definitely going to be a bad precedent and a clog in the wheel of development of Ndi Isi-Uzo.
The late Hon. Chijioke Ugwueze died a billionaire as he owned multi-million naira business establishment. So definitely, his family is not yet out in the streets begging for food.
If there must be a political compensation, then, definitely, it’s not a sensitive post of Isi-Uzo House of Assembly ticket.

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