“List of purported Achievements of Igbo Eze north local govt. Chairman, a catalogue of failure and falsehood”.By Onuora Odo


Permit me to start by alluding to MMAI KIBAKI’s memorable qoute where he opined that “leadership is a priviledge to better the lives of others. It’s not an opportunity to satisfy personal greed”.

It seems Mr. Kibaki had Igbo-eze north in mind while making the above theoretical postulation. It has been a bonanza of impunities and absurdities in Igbo-eze north since the inception of the current administration.

It is no longer news that the current administration in Igbo-eze north has performed poorly below average in terms of performance rating, it has become visible, even to the blind and loud, even to the deaf that the administration of Uwakwe Ezeja is nothing short of a colossal failure in terms of infrastructural development. Practically speaking, there is nothing to show in terms of dividends of democracy to justify the Federal Government monthly allocations which oscillate between the region of 180m-200m. The good people of Igbo-eze north have been outraged and trapped in a cesspit of bad governance engineered and engendered by callous and visionless leadership under our able Comrade and the “watchful and vigilant” of the political class and elites. Suffice it to say that the performance has been abysmally disappointing with virtually nothing on ground to show for it. We have, instead been enjoying dividends of bad governance and mal-administration.It may interest you to note that Comrade Ezeja may go down in history as the worst Local Council Chaiman that ever lived. In a couple of months, he will start licking his self-inflicted political wounds.

No doubt, it has been a harvest of squandermania and financial recklessness which has continued unabated. It grieves the heart that while the people of Igbo-eze are groaning under the burden of misrule, the so-called leaders are basking in the euphoria of financial extravaganza. No wonder, the council Chairman and those that surround him at the balcony of power have resorted to dishing out lies and falsehood of non-existent and some times, uncompleted projects to make up for their docility, inactivity and non-performance. There is no gainsaying the fact that our people have been spoon-fed with indigestible tissue of lies both on main stream and social media about spurious and imaginary projects purportedly executed by Mr. Chairman. We have been told about road contracts, water projects, magistrate court house and a host of other ghost projects which merely exist on social media platforms.

It has been observed that there has been a cloud of controversy surrounding the newly built local government pavilion. It’s in the public domain that comrade Uwakwe Ezeja has tenaciously made claims of being the brain behind the project and has been counting same as one of his legacy projects. However, our findings are to the effect that the ex-care taker committee chairman, Chief Olisaemeka Ugwunze initiated the contract and executed same almost to the completion stage before his tenure spanned out.

It is not in doubt that the pavilion project which Comr. Uwakwe Ezeja has repeatedly held claims of being his brain child has raised some dusts in the public domain as he goes about and boasts to whoever that cares to listen that the ex-care taker committee chairman awarded the contract of pavilion without committing a dime, that is to say that the contract was awarded on credit which debt he assumed responsibility the moment he resumed office as the council chairman.

If this claim would be viewed in the mirrow of logic and common sense, it will fall flat in the face of logic and is bound to crash like a pack of cards. Where on earth is contracts awarded can credit? It stands to reason that his claim is a mere subterfuge syndicated, propagated and frabrictaed to bamboozle the unsuspecting and innocent people of Igbo-eze north.

It is an indubitable fact that the good people of Igbo-eze north have been collectively deceived having swallowed the anthics and the gimmicks of the current regime hook, line and sinker but I think, our people are getting wiser now given the level of political awareness.

It is often said that the proverbial deaf person need not be alerted of an impending war: in our local palace, “adighi agwa onye otinti na agha esugo”. Without being told, it is a seemingly end of the road situation for the good people of igbo-eze north granted the conspiratorial silence of our so-called leaders who are only interested in sharing the parks and perquisites that accrue to them as a result of their leadership positions.

This has grossly affected developments in Igbo-eze north as the monies meant for development are mischanelled into private pockets. Hate it or love it, we, the good people of igo-eze north are holding the shorter end of the stick being confronted by the stark realities of such a helpless, hopeless and hapless situation. It’s obvious that we have been short-changed, sharttered and battered by this mindless and heartless regime.

Despite this high level of admistrative ineptitude and inate culture of impunity occasioned by desperate and pernicious politicians in Igbo-eze north, it was reported a couple of weeks ago that some hungry politicians who are more or less stoogees and cronies of the so-called political overlords assembled at the local government council headquarters to pass a vote of confidence on the council chairman for his “poor” performance. For every reasonable man of average intelligence, this is or was tantamount to a celebration of failure and falsehood. It amounts to extravagant display of crass moral turpitude of the highest echelon.

In this present scenario of glaring brigandage wherein the council chairman would approve a contract either for himself or for his cronies and allocate funds with flippant disregard to the standard operational proceedure and due process, is to say the least, nauseating and stupendously embarrassing. It is a collective insult on our collective intelligence, sensitivities and sensibilities for the elites in Igbo-eze north to fold their arms and allow such a systemic rot and monoumental failure of leadership to flourish without resistance under whatever guise. By some curious ironies, the elites who are supposed to join hands in salvaging the gory situation have joined in the macabre dance having refused to stoutly resist the impunities going on in Igbo-eze north.

Without mincing words, the recent exercise of the passage of the vote of confidence on the council Chairman is nothing short of a celebration of monumental failure and falsehood. It was a grand face-saving measure for the government of the day. Without doubt, that line of action violates all known norms of good governance, rules of engagement, progressive leadership, intergrity and credibility.

I hold a firm opinion that the vote of confidence was an image dry-cleaning exercise having failed and obysmally so, in all the spectrums and spheres of governance. It’s no longer news that the security networks have collapsed beyond redemption in Igbo-eze north.

There is no point paper-walling a cracked wall. The saying goes that “drastic situations demand drastic measures”. The issue of security of lives and property is fundamental and sacrosanct, being a constitutional matter. It is an affront that in this age and clime, instead of addressing an issue from the foundation, the chairman, in apparent display of political “eye service” has resorted to what I will call cosmetic embellishment by buying motor cycles for the local security outfits otherwise known as neighbourhood watch.

It is still within the realm of speculation whether the motor cycles were bought with his personal money or whether same were captured in the framework of the local government 2019 budgetary allocations. We have set our machinery of investigation in motion to draw up conclusions on this matter more so, when the motorcycles have inscriptions with doubtful impressions thus; donated (by Comr. Uwakwe Ezeja.)
Prima facie, one would be tempted to conclude that the motorcycles aforementioned were bought with Uwakwe’s personal money being that he wrote his name on each of the motorcycles thereby politicizing the issue of security. I do not want to pre-empt the outcome of the on-going investigations but will hasten to add that there should be a budget frame work and process that would enable the executive and legislative branches to deliver a workable budget for each new fiscal year but the situation appears different in Igbo-eze north because it is a one man show. It appears to be a culture of random and reckless spending wherein the council chairman will sit with the Local Government Treasurer and a couple of coterie of aides to share the funds allocated to the Local Government in violation of the standing order by the NFIU. If anybody is in doubt, I challenge those concerned to furnish us with the Local Government’s income and expendirure (the balance sheet), at least for the year 2019.

My good Igbo people of Igbo-eze north, it is an impeachale affront on the collective psyche of our people, especially the elites to allow this executive recklessness to continue unchecked.

Let us stand up and say no to bad governance. If you don’t say no now, you have invariably offered your support for bad governance.

Onuora Odo writes from Lagos, Nigeria.

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