Pretty Female Kidnapper Who Uses Her Beauty To Lure Victims Arrested.

For Mrs Hauwa Yunus, a 24 years old divorcé woman from the Northern part of the country, using what one has to obtain what he/she has not is a recipe for survival.

Hauwa Yunus who, according to reports, has married on two occassions, but the marriage collapsed due to her wayward lifestyle. To eke out a living, Hauwa used her beauty to lure her victims and force them to cough out big ransom in order to be freed from captivity.

Confessing to the police in Abuja after being nabbed by Inspector General of Police Squad led by DCP Abba Kyari, the suspect who is a Fulani from Jigawa state but lives in Masaka village in Nasarawa state narrated how she planned the kidnap of her numerours boyfriends.

She confessed that she planned the kidnap of her first boyfriend by taking him to a hotel:
“Unknown to him [her boyfriend], I have planned with other members (of my gang) how he would be kidnapped. After several negotiations, he paid two million naira and I collected two hundred thousand as my share.

“Even though he did not know I planned his kidnap, when he was released he still wanted us to continue with our relationship,”

She also confessed that have facilitated the kidnap of her friend name Zainab, and when she died in captivity, she took her ATM card and emptied her bank account, stole her belongings and others.

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