Peter Mbah, Chijioke Edoga And The Parable Of 3 Servants

By Odoh Ugochukwu

Precisely, in the book of Matthew, it was comprehensively detailed how a certain master, upon his vacation, entrusted in the care of his servants some bags of money. In the biblical account, it was reported that the master gave one of his servant, five bags of money, gave another two bags and the last among them, a bag of money.

However, upon his return (term it judgement day or day of reckoning) the servants were called to give account of how they went about the money given to them. The first and second invested and doubled the figure of what were given to them. The last, unlike his colleagues, submitted that he was unable to make profit from his, as he buried the money in the ground. In utter annoyance and disappointment, his master rebuked him and ordered the money in his possession be retrieved and given to that with the highest profit. Not satisfied, the master ordered that the “wicked and lazy” servant be thrown into darkness where weeping and gnashing of teeth is the order of the day.

The above biblical passage succinctly captures the scenario in the current political sphere of Enugu State, as Barrister Peter Mbah, the PDP guber candidate squires up with the already embattled and now factional Labour Party candidate, Hon Chijioke Edoga, the mute and silent candidate of the APC, Hon Uche Nnaji, Mr Frank Nweke Jnr, the near-inexistent candidate of the All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA) and host of others.

When Barrister Peter Ndubuisi Mbah unveiled his Pinnacle Oil gas plant, nasayers, out of palpable envy, questioned how became such rich, probably using the financial growth standard of those in contention for the Lion building office. It is on record that the astute maritime lawyer of international repute’s foray into political was first as the Chief of staff to the then government of Chimaroke Nnamani in the state. He subsequently served as the commissioner of finance and economic development still under the government of Nnamani. The post underscores his expertise in financial matters.

Unlike Barrister Mbah, Hon Edoga, like the third servant in the above biblical reference was unable to utilize the chance given him by the people of Enugu State. It is on record that the embattled Edoga has been at the corridors of power long before the return of democracy in the country, when he served, first as Chairman of Isi Uzo Local government and later as lawmaker that represented the people of Isi Uzo and Enugu East federal constituency. Edoga, after the leaving the numerous elective posts he occupied, secured yet other juicy appointive posts where he remained till the last minute thought of vying for the Lion building office.

For a man that has been privileged to enjoy these juicy positions, it is expected that a bountiful political harvest should be the order of the day but alas, like the “lazy and wicked” servant in the Bible passage who dug and buried what was given to him by his master, Edoga, literally did not just bury his, as he first had them nibbled at.
As the day of reckoning came, between Edoga who squandered the golden opportunity given to him on the platter and Barrister Mbah who, in a stint in the government, left an indelible mark which has been of immense help to the people of the state and nation at large.

Why do some people want the bar to be lowered so as to accommodate the likes of Edoga who have without doubt, proven to be unproductive. If he was unable to amount to anything meaningful in his decade long stay in power, how does he plan to perform magic, especially as the leopard is known not to change his spots.
Peter Mbah should be patted at the back and pleaded with to replicate his wonders that gave birth to the likes of Pinnacle Oil and Gas LTD, GIPEL industries LTD and host of his other accomplishments. The responsibilities entrusted in the care of a lazy and wicked servant, as it was done in the biblical passage above, should be retrieved from Edoga and handed over to Peter Mbah having proven his mettle in both private and public sectors.

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