(OPINION) Why Jehova Witness is the best religion in the world. By Supercase.

*PEACEFUL GROUP: witnesses are always law abiding u don’t see them fight, riot, steal or perpetuate social disorder unlike some religious groups in our country whose trademarks are violence and interrifts

*NO RACISM AMONG THEM: JW are found in over 276 countries, witnesses are the only true people with a true sense of global unity, a witness from Russia would readily host a witness from Mali just as he would do to his blood brother, or a white witness member would host a black witness member just as a United family. There is no form of racism or tribal discriminations among witnesses

PREACHING THE GOSPEL: witnesses are always active preaching the gospel about God kingdom as Jesus always preached while he was on earth, unlike most religious leaders today that preach about prosperity and money forgetting the main mission giving by Jesus which states AND THE GOOD NEWS OF THE KINGDOM WOULD BE PREACHED TO ALL INHABITANTS OF THE EARTH, AND THEN THE END WILL COME

You see, witnesses are the only Christian group doing Jesus and God will on earth

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