OPINION: How Guys Use Marriage To Plunge Themselves Into Poverty

By Poseidon00

Sup guys. I’ve something that have always earned the acme of my discountenance. And that’s how men crudely jump into marriage in other to conform to societal dictate or for some selfish satisfaction.
This have gotten me pensive and I’ll make no ado in getting to the nucleus of the issue.

Yesterday, I was headed toward gwarimpa, and on my way I noticed a disheveled young guy around Efab estate trekking by the express.
As a rule, I always give such guys ‘lift,’ because i was once with a female colleague in a lonely path that seldom have cars coming our way, suddenly one private car stopped and when I tried entering after my female colleague boarded, the SIMPson bounced me out and zoomed off with an empty back seat.

That incident birthed in me a sense of solidarity and understanding of what men go through just for being men, but yesterday, I was so incensed by a botch job my mechanic did that I drove past. After about 4 hours when I had everything sorted and was heading back, I saw the same guy heading toward my direction again(it’s a dual carriage way) and he was sweating profusely, so I beckoned on him to enter. We got talking and I inquired why he’s trekking such a long distance. He said: he went to look for a job that wasn’t successful and he’s going back to Arab road.
But this is just a miniscule of the guy’s travail. He grew up in abject poverty.In fact, they gave birth to him and his sister in an uncompleted building. His dad died in that building, his sister got pregnant for some riffraff and they started what we call “abuja marriage”, his mom subsequently fell sick and died in the same uncompleted building. Then the owner of the building decided to complete it, and drove him away.

Now, this guy was able to get another uncompleted building to stay, and as I’m typing this, he’s with wife and kids. This is a person that don’t have food at home and can not afford N150 to and fro.

I gave him 10k but I was so mad with him; I mean, I was disconcertingly appalled that this guy will think of marriage in his privation. Why not be a little bit comfortable before considering marriage, instead to face life with the dignity of a breadline.

Sadly, this is the same mistake lot of guy’s have been making thinking they’ll fall into some stupendous money as soon as they marry, and this is mostly perpetuated by religious charlatans who say; a man’s destiny is predicated on his future wife, that as soon as he gets married, the special blessing tied to marriage will start opening way for him.

That’s a mendacious twaddle that will leave you in a precarious situation. Please guys, have ‘comfort’ afoot before you dabble into marriage.

What’s your take on this?

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