(OPINION) Go And Do Paternity Test On Your First Child.

By Gbami.

The average Nigerian girl has 3-4 boyfriends at the same time….

She sleeps with all of them at different occasions. You are probably training another man’s child. Do you know why? Let me explain..

She gets pregnant for one of you? She may not know who impregnated her or she knows (Thank God)… But Amongst the 4 boyfriends…You are the most decent, maybe smartest (intelligent) or even richer than the others. She comes to your house with tears in her eyes, telling you that she is pregnant, and she can’t have a child outside wedlock. You the foolish and decent guy feels sorry for her. Rush to see her parents, in 3months times before the pregnancy can be noticed by people. You are married.

Married to a cheater, that’s probably carrying another man’s child…Guys… don’t be fooled… Don’t wait till 18yrs or more to know that you are training another man’s Child. Do it immediately after birth or in few months after birth, then make a decision to continue or not… Don’t be deceived into training another man’s child.

Paternity fraud is real. One In three children especially the first child are being trained by non-biological father…

Be wise

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