(OPINION) Free Sex Could Be Free Death

By Sunday Akanni

Actually, sex wasn’t originally meant to have an iota of negativity attached to it. This is because, God, the Creator of everything, made everything, including sex, well (Genesis 1:31 ). The plan (and instruction) of God is that all sexual pleasures be enjoyed only between a married husband and his female wife inside the safe confines of their marriage institution, with no other party involved.

If this is adhered to, there would be no negativity coming close at all. In fact, Sex between a married husband and his female wife makes God happy, as it strengthens the bond that binds them together (which is the will of God for every marriage). He pours His blessings upon such.

Nevertheless, when people decide going contrary to what God has instructed, the result is usually unpleasant. Any form of sexual pleasure that is enjoyed outside God’s will, becomes poisonous. For some, the poison struck instantly, and for some others, it accumulates in their body, until another fatal day of reckoning.

Sexual immorality – PREMARITAL SEX, EXTRAMARITAL SEX, PORNOGRAPHY, MASTURBATION, HOMOSEXUALISM, are all “Sweet Traps Of Death”. They appear pleasant, ordinary, and sweet – but they actually kills. Sexual immorality has killed tons of people, physically, spiritually, emotionally, and so on.

Physically, it is not a secret that tons of people die annually as a result of the fatal effects associated with immoral sexual activities. Many are being killed by sexual transmitted viruses each year. The bright future of many young ladies are being terminated via the steps to abort the “unwanted” pregnancies that came on the bed of immorality.

Indeed, you are embracing death when you indulge in acts like premarital sex, extramarital sex, homosexuality, masturbation, pornography, and other dirty acts. People doing all these might simply be breathing, and making so-called “success” in career or academics. But there is a difference between simply breathing and being alive (many people you see around are actually walking corpses). Only those walking in the precepts of Jesus are truly alive (1 John 4:9).

The “Sweet Trap Of Death” (sexual immorality) doesn’t kill just physically. There is an ultimate death (which involves being separated from God your Creator, and perishing everlastingly in Hell). So, sin (including immoral sexual activities like the ones listed above) makes one unholy and separates one from the Holy God. And if such persons should die without repenting, they will perish in Hell.

Flee all forms of sinful activities, and you will fulfill your full potentials. Don’t get into the trap. Sexual immorality has killed tons of people… Don’t be the next. It is possible to live a chaste lifestyle. Call upon the name of Jesus, and He will help you. It is your destiny to serve God in Spirit and in Truth.

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