“Nigeria’s presidency, national assembly, others, filled with witches” Catholic priest says.

A Nigerian priest, Rev Father Oluoma of Christ the king Catholic parish Kubwa Abuja has lambated the politicians, saying that the presidency and national assembly are filled with witches.

In one of his sermons in the parish, the fiery priest said:

“Don’t get carried away, which witches and wizards am I talking about? It’s not all those ones they say fly at night and with brooms. Ah, those ones are not your problem.

“The witches and wizards I am talking about, they are in the presidency, in the National Assembly, in government houses,” the priest, John Oluoma, said in a sermon last month in Abuja.

“They are civil servants, they are politicians, they are Hausa, Igbo, and Yoruba. They are Catholics, Pentecostals, Protestants, Christians, and Muslims.

“If you are given money to do road and you don’t do the road and somebody has an accident because of bad road and die, what do you think you are? You are a witch! You have taken blood.

“You are given money to equip hospitals, you refused to build the hospital or even equip it, and the medical attention that would have saved somebody is not there and the person dies, what do you think you are? You are a witch!

“In Nigeria, pensioners would be queuing to take their pensions of N50,000 and they wait and wait until some would die because somebody doesn’t want to push their file or somebody has swallowed the money meant for their pensions. And you tell me you are a human being? No, you are a witch!

“Those are the ones you should be afraid of, forget about the ones that some men of God would be telling you about. The witches and wizards that have killed destinies in Nigeria they are presidents, governors, senators, members of the House of Reps, civil servants, and contractors.

Callibg out the men of God in the country, he remarked:

“Another set of witches in Nigeria are fake pastors and men of God, those ones who have given people wrong, pseudo-religious theories. They have destroyed marriages, bankrupted businesses, and made people to start thinking backward. They even block you from seeing where your real problem is coming (from).

“Men of God that come into a family and a brother would become afraid of his own brother,” he said.

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