Nigeria is world number 2 in child marriage- UNICEF

The federal Republic of Nigeria has been ranked number 2 in the world child marriage index by the United Nations International Children Emergency Funds(UNICEF).

According to Mr Bhanu Pathak, Chief of Field Office (CFO) UNICEF Nigeria, Bauchi Field Office, Nigeria has the second largest numbers of child bride in the world, with 23 million girls and women married out as wife in the country. He said:

“Too many Nigerian children and young people are being left behind, especially when it comes to education.

“Nigeria has the world’s highest number of out-of-school children; more than 10.5 million Nigerian children are not in school.

“Nigeria also has the second largest number of child brides in the world with 23 million girls and women married as children, and as such, ending their education,”

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