Mother dumps day old baby in a pit, says she alreday has 5 children.

For the 30 years old Risikat Olabintan, a resident of Ibukun Oluwapo Community Ishaga Surulere in Owode-Yewa areas of Ogun state, having given birth to 5 children is a justifiable reason to do away with the sixth child, so as to be able to carter for the rest of the children.

Oceanicnews gathered that Mrs Olabinta who claimed to have been abandoned by her husband and made to solely take care of their 5 children, dumped her new baby into a pit immediately after giving birth. Unknown to her that children who were playing in the compound heard the sound of a crying baby and raised alarm.
The community leaders consequently assembled and alerted the police at Owode-Yewa Division who came and evacuated the baby.

Spokesman for Ogun state police command Abimbola Oyeyemi said: “At the time the baby was rescued, no one knew it was the woman’s. She secretly gave birth around 5am and threw the child into the pit. It was later that detectives discovered she was the mother of the baby and she was promptly arrested,”

He further stressed that the woman claimed she had no means of feeding all six children since her husband abandoned her.

“The baby and mother are presently receiving treatment at the hospital. The baby is responding to treatment. I do not know if her action had anything to do with postpartum depression but the woman said the newborn was additional burden to her. He concluded.

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