Man Torments Son For Not Paying Debt He Owed The Church When He Was Alive

A young man has taken to social media to narrate how his late father has been tormenting him in the dream over a debt in the church when he was alive.

He wrote as he cried for help for solutions over the sad development

“Hello my nairaland family. I’ll make this post short & precise… I buried my dad around april this year.

Am the only available child, as my elder brother relocated abroad in january & has refused to make contact. I took a loan to sponsor my bro’s trip abroad, & also took another loan from my bank to partly sponsor the burial as all the family burden rested on my shoulders..

Last month, my dad appeared in a dream telling me to hurry up in paying a vow he made in church of abt 50k before he died. I was warming up to pay the vow this month’s ending as am stil servicing the loans i got from my bank.

He appeared last week to remind me but yesterday night’s own came with severe flocking. Am stil feeling the pains from the cain he used at my back & joints..

How do i contain him before month end when i’ll be bouyant to pay the vow.

Am afraid he may return with more beatings,. & am jst 30yrs old, & wouldnt want to have any part of my body deformed as a result.

Your suggestions wil be greatly appreciated!”

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