Man dies while fasting for 40 days and nights, community bans fasting and prayers.

The community of Eziala Nguru, in Ngor Okpala council areas of Imo state has been thrown into mourning as an only son died while attempting to complete a 40 days and nights fasting and prayers in the ‘wilderners’, a bush part purposefully cleared for the spiritual exercise.

It waa reported that the deceased, Evangelist Chidi Eke abandoned his wife and two kids in Lagos and returned to the community to ‘answer the call of God’. It was also reported that the deceased after successfuly fasting for 21 days, announced that he will be embarking on another 40 days and nights fasting and prayers in the wilderness so as to enable him start up his own ministry.

According to sources in the community and made available to Oceanicnews, “During the first and second week of his fast people who had gone to their farms heard him singing and praying loudly, but after the third week nobody heard his voice again and most people thought that perhaps he must have gone spiritual”.

However, when one of his member named Cyriacus Opara became worried, he insisted on visiting the evangelist in the “Wilderness”.

“When Cyriacus Opara who is a member of his church approached the family that he wanted to visit Chidi Eke at the “Wilderness”. They told him that they don’t know the exact location where he is and that Chidi Eke had earlier issued a stern warning that he does not want any visitors because he had left his phone and money at home and had only gone with his Bible and gown”.

Mr Okpara upon visiting the home of the Evangelist, got directed to one Cajethan Nwaneri, as he was the only one who knew the location of the ‘wildernes’, having helped the evangelist to clear the bush part.

On getting to the location of the ‘wildernes’, Mr Cyriacus Opara discovered that Mr Chidi Eke had long died and subsequently raised alarm.

A source said, “ Chidi Eke had abandoned his wife and two children a boy and girl in Lagos and returned to the village saying that he has come to answer the call of God. His corpse was discovered on October 6 by one of his members who had gone to check on him in the bush where he had gone to fast for 40 days and 40 nights.

Chidi Eke is the only son of his mother, In fact, it was members of the community under the leadership of Tochukwu Ekeh (Aged 90) who bore the burden of burying him.”

Oceanicnews however learnt that as a result of the unfortunate incident, the community banned people from fasting and praying inside the bush.

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