Man Denied Food At A Funeral Function For Not Wearing ‘Aso Ebi’

An unnamed man has narrated how he was denied food at a funeral ceremony for not wearing Aso Ebi.

He wrote:

“I was invited for a burial ceremony at Omuo Ekiti, initially, i had wanted to buy aso ebi but i was not having much with, i attended the wake keeping on thursday and friday was the burial ceremony, unknown to me that the man that invited me has warned the women serving food and drinks not to give those witout aso ebi.
i requested for two pounded yam but nobody attended to me, i later requested for one pounded but they jush shun me, it was later one of the woman inform me that the instruction was nt to give those witout aso ebi food.
What a mess!
so i had just wasted my time and transport fare to this ceremony, my plan was to give the man 2k but i left the party in annoyance without informing him…
ordinary bottle drinks or bottle water i was’nt given.the man has been calling me since yesterday but i refuse to pick his calls.
Have you ever experience this kind of situation before?

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