Lady Travels 18 Hours To See Her Boyfriend, Gets The Shock Of Her Life.

A social media user identified as Funmi has taken to the internet to narrate how she traveled for over 18 hours to meet her boyfriend, only for his girlfriend to show up and she ended up sleeping on the floor.

She wrote:

“I remember getting into a long distance relationship with this guy that didn’t even really slap hard..

I traveled 18 hours just to see this nigg* and 10minuets after I got to his place, his GIRLFRIEND showed up unannounced.
Worst day of my life!.

He stayed in a one room apartment. The babe said she wasn’t going anywhere and I couldn’t just up and leave cos i didn’t know my way around.

Long story short, I had to spend the night in that same house.
They slept on the bed and I spent on the floor �

I cried all night…”

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