“In the name of Jesus Christ, the planned UNN conference on witchcraft will not hold”- Prayer group

A prayer group known as prayer intercessors have taken to social media to condemn the UNN conference on witchcraft slated to hold between Novermber 26 and November 27 2019.

Contained on the handbills sited by Oceanicnews, the prayer group wrote:

“I stand to speak against this Witchcraft gathering.It shall not stand or hold in Enugu state its environs IN the mighty name of JESUS CHRIST (intercede for Enugu state)…We need the papa Idahosa’s kind of anointing for this generation O… They try to gather, they die before the gathering!!!”.

Recall that we reported earlier on the witchcraft conference with the theme: “Witchcraft: meaning, factors and practices, being organized by Professor B.I.C Ijomah Centre for Policy and Research in UNN.

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