Igbos Are 5th Class Citizens In Nigeria – Kemi Olunloye

Controversial journalist, Dr. Kemi Olunloye has yet again toed her controversial path, this time, saying that Igbos are classified as ‘5th class’ citizens in Nigeria.

Dr Kemi who has faced numerous charges for her slanderous posts took to social media that posit that cows are ranked ahead of Igbos in the country. According to her, Hausas are first class, followed by Yorubas, then Cows, Nigerian Army and Igbos at 5th position.

She wrote:

“Why are Igbos always classified as 5th class citizens in Nigeria?

Always called Armed Robbers and Housemaids
Always fighting for the Presidency
Igbos must wake up and fight the power as they have no good leaders. The late Kanu mislead them and the clone is still doing the same. Buhari must rearrange this list.”

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