Idolatry Leads To Eternal Death, Yet Too Costly To Practice. Prophet Says

A prophet and general overseer of Christ Resurrection Power Mission Enugu Ezike, Prophet David Ejike Eze has stated that though the worship of Idol leads to eternal death, it’s also costly to practice when compared to Christianity.

He made this known during one of his sermons, disclosing that an idol worshiper is always asked to bring items like goats, fowls, sizable tubers of yam, cows and others running into hundreds of thousand before one could be healed, God heals his people for free.

He said:
“Save for some self-styled men of God that have decided to fleece the congregation out of their greediness, Christianity costs little or nothing to practice.
For instance, in my church, I treat different sickness like diabetes, all types of ulcers, poison(spiritual and physical), bareness, stroke etc, without asking members to break banks. It’s not scriptural to charge a huge amount of money while answering the prophetic call of healing the sick and spiritually setting captives free.”

“It’s only when the healed decides, at his/her own accord to come for testimony and in the process, offer whatever thing, that’s the only way the Bible permitted to accept both material or financial gifts from the congregation as was the case with Melchizedek.” He said.

The Prophet whose church is located beside Low cost areas of Imufu, Enugu Ezike, Igbo Eze north local government areas of Enugu state can be reached on 08067651112 07013163300.

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