“I Rather Die Than Watch You Destroy My Farm” Indian Hemp Farmer Tells NDLEA

Kogi State Commander of National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) Mr Alfred Adewumi has successfully destroyed what he described as a ‘three football field put together’ size of cannabis sativa farmland in the state.
This came despite pleas by the suspected farmer not to destroy the said farmland, as he’s ready to die rather than watch the agency destroy his ‘business’

The suspect named Clement Akor profusely wept as he begged that his farm located at Oketepe, Okula Community, Ofu local government area of the state be spared as it served as his only means of sustaining his family of 6.

His words, “I am the owner of this farm. I learnt it in Yoruba land. When I cultivated one last year, it was stolen. So it is this year I bought seed from Yoruba land to plant new ones before I was caught.

“Indian hemp business is luck. In this farm, I can get many bags here. I do sell one bag for N20,000 depending on the area am selling it, It could be more.

“I spent N12,000 for labour in cultivating this farm. It is better for you people to kill me than destroy this farmland”.

“This is my business. I spent a lot to allow this plant grow up to this level. In the next two weeks, I am supposed to harvest it.

“Now you people have come here to destroy it. Just kill me, so that I won’t see you people destroying what I have laboured for.
“I am looking for money because I am illiterate. I don’t want to engage in armed robbery or kidnapping that is why I am into this business of Indian hemp”.
He concluded.

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