“Go back home”, Nigerian high commissioner to Ghana tells Nigerian traders.

His Excellency, Ambassador Olufemi Michael Abikoye, the Nigerian high commissioner to Ghana has told Nigerian citizens, especially doing business in Ghana to return home, as the economy of the country is now in good shape.

In a meeting with the Nigerian Union of Traders Association Ghana(NUTAG), he admonished:
“Things are getting better in Nigeria and I can assure you. ..And I don’t see any reason why we should not be proud of Nigeria”,

This followed the continued attacks on Nigerian shops in Ghana. In a recent attack that took place in Suame, Kumasi region, some protesting Ghana youths attacked many shops in owned by Nigerians in protest against the decision by the Ghana Union Trade Association(GUTA) to reopen closed Nigerian retail shops.

“Anywhere in the world when you hear any two Black Men making an achievement, it is either the two are Nigerians or at least one other is Nigeria”, The ambassador conclued.

The protesters in Ghana have refused to enter into any form of negotiation as they inisted on enforcing ths law that barred foreigners from the retail sector, a preserve for Ghanaians.

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