Biafra: Ghana Arrests 107 Members Of IPOB, Deports 30

No fewer than 107 members of the outlawed secessionist group, Indegenous People Of Biafra, IPOB, have been arrested by security operatives in Ghana.

The development was made known in a statement by the group’s image maker, Emma Powerful, who went ahead to state that among the arrested members of the group, 30 have been deported back to Nigeria.

The statement alleged that ‘Biafrans’ living in Ghana were arrested, intimidated, harassed, tortured and humiliated by the government of Ghana and its security agencies.

“We still remember the role by Ghana during the genocidal war unleashed to the good people of Biafra between 1967 and 1970. IPOB has not forgotten how Ghana refused to help the children of Biafra during that war of annihilation by the Nigeria Government supported by British authorities in their botched bid to annihilate Biafra from the surface of the earth.

“It is shameful and unfortunate that Ghana government and her security operatives could arrest Biafrans living in their country about 107 people in their monthly meeting, detained and deported 25 people of them to Nigeria and others were nowhere to be found.

“Our family in Ghana were still looking for whereabouts of them, we are telling good people of Ghana to look for our people living in Ghana and produce them to Biafrans government or they ready for the consequences,” the statement said.

“We are looking for 82 citizens of Biafra in Ghana. Ghana arrested 2-year old citizens of Biafra and detained her incommunicado for two weeks in Ghana prison yards without taking them to court.

“Recently Ghana government, led by Nana Dankwa Akufua Ado and his security agencies renewed their hatred on the people of Biafra. From 2019 till date, the Ghana government and its partners in crime have been clamping down on Biafra businesses in Ghana. This is sheer wickedness.

“We are calling on Ghanaian and friends of Ghana President to inform him that he should stop collaborating with the Fulani-controlled Federal Government of Nigeria to oppress Biafra. We are keeping records. Nana Ado should not be allowed to make Ghana perpetual enemies of Biafra because of his selfish interest,” the IPOB statement said.

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