Enugu Comedian ‘Mama Ukamaka’ Builds House For His Mother

Enugu Comedian and owner of Creative Greatest comedy house Odinakachukwu Eze has gifted his mother a bungalow in the village.

Taking to social media to announce the accomplishment, the comedian known for his trademark feminine dress wrote:

“As long as I can recall, it has always been a dream of a mother; my mother, to have a house of hers.

In line to this, it has as well, equally been a dream of a boy; myself, to make that dream come to become.

In a month and two weeks¿ WE MADE THE DREAM COME THROUGH!
This my way of saying thank you for the prayers and (Opener Wrapper and Pink Top) given to me.
Congratulations mom 💕💕💕
I love you 😘”

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