2023: “Igbos have no winning game plan, only interested in making money” Sani.

The Secretary-General of Arewa Consultive Forum(ACF), on Saturday, stated that Igbos must formulate a winning game plan if they are to stand any chance come 2023 presidential election.

Speaking during an interview with Daily Independent, Sani said that must start the project of building brideges across sections of the country if they are serious about producing the president of Nigeria.

According to him: “With special reference to the Igbos, I would say it is their inability to develop a winning game plan in a multiparty democracy.

“Most Igbos are preoccupied with making money with their faith in limitless fungibility of money. I recall Arthur Nzeribe once said, if money made presidents, there would be no President Obasanjo. I can say the same thing of president Buhari both of whom were sandal-wearing Generals before becoming president.

“Multiparty democracy provides for breaking of barriers and building of bridges across sections of the country. What is more, the constitution provides that both popular votes and spread must intersect for anybody to be president.

“It is for Igbos to come together and develop their winning game plans in a multiparty democracy instead of playing the victim with jeremiads and being bellicose and percussive. This is because democracy is not a bullfight but a contest of ideas and reasons” he said.

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